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Alarm Management Bureau

Our Alarm Management Bureau service can passively or proactively collect fault alarms or event information from serial or ethernet based devices.

We filter these alarms, based on your criteria, to ensure that your response personnel receive only the important alarms via email, SNMP or SMS.

  • No capital expense or operational overhead of running an alarm management system 24 hours per day
  • Ensure guaranteed delivery of device alarms, even for fire-and-forget protocols like SNMP
  • Support for organisations using rotas for response personnel
  • Remote site management platform to enable fault troubleshooting and fixes

Alarm Collection & Delivery Handled In The Cloud

Our SNMP network management service - Alarm Management Bureau (AMB) - provides the ideal managed service to customers and service providers. The bureau manages the network monitoring and fault handling process from the cloud and will automatically alert your on-duty personnel and/or your maintenance organisation accordingly.

SNMP network alarms from your equipment or sites are received into the cloud bureau's central management system where they are acknowledged and stored. These SNMP network alarms are then rebroadcast to you using SNMP, SMS, or email based on a timetable defined by you.

Our cloud SNMP network management service will actively deliver alerts by alarm type, by equipment location, time of day, day of the week, duty engineer, etc. Should the alarm fail to be acknowledged within a defined time, then we can deliver it to the next user in the rota.

The use of the Alarm Management Bureau allows you to provide a professional service on a 24 hour basis, enhancing your customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency.

If you would like to discuss using the service, then contact us.

Alarm Management Bureau Features

Ensure the delivery of critical or important managed device alarms or events without the overhead of running an on-premises system.

Guaranteed Alarm Delivery

Guaranteed Alarm Delivery

Managed device alarms are converted into a proprietary protocol before being sent to our NOC. This is to enable us to acknowledge receipt of alarms. Multiple delivery attempts are made until the alarm is sent successfully.

Support for Rotas

Support for Rotas

Make sure that alarms are delivered directly to the appropriate engineer or group of engineers. Recipients change depending on site, timeband or day of the week.

Alarm Delivery

Alarm Delivery

Nobody wants to be flooded with nuisance alarms. With our service, we can filter managed device alarms based on criteria before forwarding them to our NOC over Ethernet or dial-up connection. Alarms are sent to your engineers by email or SMS.

Proactive or Passive Collection

Proactive or Passive Collection

Our service will passively collect alarms sent out from your managed device over Ethernet or serial or from digital contact closures. We can proactively ping or issue commands to the managed device to request a status check.

Service Requirements

Managed device alarms are collected using our Tracker remote nodes. Each node can support multiple managed devices, so you will require at least one per site being monitored.

The Tracker remote node requires connectivity back to our cloud NOC. This can be arranged via an end-customer VPN tunnel, via a VPN tunnel initiated from the Tracker or via a PSTN dial-up connection.

We will need to work with you to confirm how alarms will be collected and filtered and build a list of recipients to whom you wish the alarms to be delivered.